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Which features should you be considering in a new car in 2017?

 - 13/01/2017

As 2017 kicks off, many vehicles are on the verge of being equipped with the latest technology.

"All those features that seemed to be science-fiction only a short time ago are now everyday on today’s automobiles”, remarked Brian Moody, executive editor of Autotrader. “We’re not just talking about higher-end vehicles. Today’s family cars are at the cutting-edge of technology and boast features that were only available on top-of-the-range models a few years ago.”

According to Brian Moody, some safety, security and comfort features will be routinely available on cars next year. So, remember, even if you don’t personally want parking assistance, a car with this feature will be more attractive on the second-hand market.

When buying a new vehicle, which features should you tick?


The current systems, installed on the latest BMW, Mercedes, Volvo and Tesla models, manage motorway driving and bends by maintaining safety distances between vehicles and automatically slowing down when the traffic is heavier. If you regularly drive on motorways, to get to work for example, the benefits will be immediately obvious.

Autonomous driving and safety

However you plan on using your vehicle, you should tick any feature capable of actively limiting the risk of accident. This is particularly true of emergency braking, dead angles, speed control and lane-changing alarms.


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