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ViaMichelin: your trump card this summer

 - 26/07/2017

Make the most of all our website and ViaMichelin app services for less stress on the road.


Optimise your route 
. Find information on places at the start and end of your journey
. Specify the places where you are planning overnight stops if your journey is in several stages
. Select route options: route recommended by Michelin, the quickest, the shortest, the most cost effective
or the most interesting if you are planning some sightseeing along the way
. Choose your route depending on time and cost

Work out where to stop along your route
. From a safety perspective, it is vital that you stop and rest every two hours
. Work out where to stop: with ViaMichelin you can locate rest areas, service stations, car parks and restaurants along your route

Check traffic conditions in real time
.On your day of departure, make sure you check live traffic reports to avoid the most congested roads
On the road, let the app guide you, day and night
. Alternative itineraries: as traffic conditions evolve, your ViaMichelin app GPS suggests alternative routes
to get you to your destination as quickly as possible. No more wasted time in traffic jams!
. New! You can also choose which navigation mode suits you best: a minimalist interface or 3D Michelin map guidance.
. The app automatically switches to night navigation for improved legibility and greater safety.

If you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to update or down your ViaMichelin app:



Photo : ©Bertimann/iStock