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ViaMichelin roadmap: accurate travel information and detailed mid-points

 - 19/12/2019

Following the ViaMichelin roadmap provides you with an alternative way of motoring as you enjoy an overall view of your entire journey right from the first kilometre. Mid-points, duration, costs, speed limits… Find out everything about this essential travel assistant and avoid unpleasant surprises.

See the roadmap
From a computer, you will see your roadmap when you type in a route search.
After typing in your departure and arrival addresses, click on “Search”: ViaMichelin will suggest one or several routes to your destination.
Under this route, click on the “Your Route Roadmap” icon.
On the ViaMichelin app, after clicking on the top left-hand corner of the app, click on “Route planner”. Enter your departure and arrival addresses, then click on “Confirm”. One or several routes will be suggested, at which point you just have to click on the “roadmap” icon of the route of your choice.
Summary of your route
The (left-right) arrows at the top of your roadmap (on your computer), or by default on the app, allow you to switch route and visualise the key information of your journey: distance, cost and duration if you leave straight away.
The app’s route summary is more detailed: duration including traffic impact, time on/off motorways and the cost of any tolls in the journey’s total cost.
The roadmap provides precise information about the various steps or mid-points from your departure to your arrival addresses. In particular:
- Which roads to take
- Where and when to turn
- Which road signs to follow
- Speed limits as and when you enter/leave each zone
- Any possible temporary restricted access zones
- Any possible incidents or hazards
Services and points of interest
When preparing your journey on your computer, you can also visualise points of interest along your journey by clicking on “Activate services on the route”.
The detailed roadmap will specify these points of interest relative to the different mid-points. This option enables you to plan where you want to stop:
- Roadside rest stops (to take a break every 2 hours on long journeys)
- Service stations
- Restaurants
- Hotels and accommodation
- Travel (tourist) sites along your journey
Once you’ve selected your options
all you have to do is print out your detailed roadmap (from a computer) or follow it on your smartphone!
Also, on your smartphone, you can change mode and leave the roadmap to follow your route with the ViaMichelin GPS when you click “Start”.
Happy motoring with the ViaMichelin roadmap!