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Two-wheels: light-weight, protective gear for this summer

 - 21/06/2018

As the weather turns warm, motorcyclists and scooter drivers are looking for lighter gear to better withstand the rising temperatures but remain protected in the case of accidents. From head to toe, here is an outfit that combines safety with style.

Modular helmet
Modular helmets have the advantage of adapting to all weather conditions because they switch from full-face to flip-up with just one flip of the hand. Two types of modular helmets exist: one with a chin guard that swivels completely to the back, the other to the top of the helmet.

Leather jacket
Be it a Perfecto or neo-retro, the leather jacket is the blue-chip value for light-weight, protective wear. Reinforced (adjustable) shoulder and elbow pads and back protection (often optional) are three essential safety features. In the case of cool mornings and evenings, thermal lining can be a welcome addition.

Even if the sun is scorching, you must protect your hands, because they often take the brunt of a fall, without forgetting that failure to do so can cost you a fine. Racer’s Sprint 2 leather gloves are a well-ventilated, summer glove that offers comfort and protection. They offer all the the necessary safety features to protect the fingers, with the bonus of a handy tactile pad for smartphone users.

Jeans are of course the ultimate riding gear and even better when they incorporate reinforced Kevlar padding for the hips and knees (and for the bottom), such as Bering’s Donovan model.

Whether you wear trainers or Oxfords around town, when you’re on your bike, your shoes must have sufficient support to protect the ankle and toes when changing gear and the sole must be slip-free. After that, you can choose from looks that range from hells angels to hip urbanite depending on the brands and your wallet.

Photo: © Igor Alecsander/iStock