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Summertime means heavy traffic: how to dodge traffic jams

 - 29/07/2019

Some are setting off, others are heading home… Every summer, the roads get very busy. Make the most of ViaMichelin’s services and dodge the traffic jams.

Choose the route that best suits you
. Fill in your departure and destination towns, possibly adding places you want to stop at along the way;
. Select the Discovery option if you have time to avoid the main roads;
. Compare the distance, time and cost of each of the trips proposed by ViaMichelin and choose the one that best suits you.
Keep tabs on your holiday budget
. Fill in your vehicle’s details in the route options and the travel costs of each journey will be customised according to your vehicle’s consumption;
. See the detailed cost of each route suggested by ViaMichelin: breakdown of cost per person, fuel costs on and off the motorway, toll costs, motorway taxes if appropriate.
Decide when best to leave
. Consult real-time traffic on the day of departure and decide when best to leave depending on traffic conditions. 
. Sometimes delaying your departure time by 30 minutes can make your journey much more pleasurable.
Make the most of alternative routes: let the ViaMichelin guide you
. The ViaMichelin app’s GPS suggests alternative routes as traffic conditions evolve. You can either decide to follow the GPS’s recommendations or stick to the original route.
. Alternative routes can prevent you from wasting time in traffic jams! 
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