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A summer of carefree motoring!

 - 06/07/2017

At last, it’s the holidays and the holiday or weekend road stretches out before you! You won’t be alone on the road though! To make motoring as hassle-free as possible, ViaMichelin has some good news for you!

Before leaving: plan your route and see where the service stations or laybys are located. Consult real-time traffic conditions to decide which time it is best to set off.

When you’re on the road: follow the ViaMichelin app indications and make the most of all the benefits of GPS guidance:

  • Alternative itineraries: as traffic conditions evolve, your ViaMichelin app GPS suggests alternative routes to get you to your destination as quickly as possible. No more wasted time in traffic jams!
  • New! You can also choose which navigation mode suits you best: a minimalist interface or 3D Michelin map guidance.
  • The app automatically switches to night navigation for improved legibility and greater safety.

If you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to update or down your ViaMichelin app:




Photo: ©TomasSereda/iStock