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Save time on your Home-Work journeys

 - 13/09/2019

60% of us travel to and from work by car or motorbike: ViaMichelin is by your side every mile to save you time!

Register your home and workplace addresses on the ViaMichelin website or mobile application and you will be able to visualise the best Home-Workplace journey in just a click.
How do I register my addresses? Nothing could be simpler!
When you type in your itinerary, you are asked to fill in your addresses
One extra click and they are registered
If necessary, you can modify them using the “Menu” in the app or “My account” on the website.
Once registered, your Home and Workplace addresses are systematically proposed as departure and/or arrival points for an itinerary. Calculating itineraries is so much quicker! It’s also child’s play to quickly consult the journey time of your Home-Workplace (or vice-versa) journey every day.
For added efficiency, install the ViaMichelin app’s Home-Work widget in just a few clicks!
1. Install the ViaMichelin app on your smartphone;
2. Fill in your Home and Work addresses using the application’s menu > Home – Work
3. Install the widget: 
. On Android: 
- Long press on your smartphone’s home screen
- Select “Widgets” at the bottom of the screen;
- Scrawl down to the ViaMichelin Home-Work widget and select it. That’s it!
. On iOS:
- Look for the ViaMichelin widget by sweeping the home screen to the right;
- Select “modify” then in “More widgets”, select ViaMichelin. Position the widget where you would like it on your smartphone’s screen and confirm with “OK”.
You will see your Home-Work and Work-Home travel times in the widget in real time!
Photos credits: Minerva Studio/iStock