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More criteria for more choices!

 - 18/06/2020

With the easing of the lockdown period, we are gradually returning to more pleasant experiences such as dining al fresco or a family dinner in a restaurant.

ViaMichelin can help you to make your choices by refining your search for gastronomic establishments using various criteria: 
  • Based on budget: restaurants displayed in ascending or descending price order;
  • Based on distance from your chosen location: ViaMichelin will show the nearest restaurants;
  • Based on your preferences:
    • MICHELIN Plate: regional products and chefs with a knack for serving well cooked food in straightforward fashion;
    • Bib Gourmand restaurants: good quality, moderately priced cuisine;
    • Stars : 1 to 3 stars for unique dining experiences.
Click on Filter to select your criteria for enhanced search results!
Crédit photo : monkeybusinessimages/iStock