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Keep a grip on your travel budget

 - 08/09/2020

As you get back from your holidays, your daily expenses are probably piling up, particularly if you have children. ViaMichelin provides a helping hand to take care of your budget and help you keep a grip on your travel costs.

Precise costs for each journey

To get customised costs for each journey, fill in your vehicle’s details in the options, together with its actual fuel consumption. ViaMichelin provides you with the detailed costs of each proposed route: fuel costs on and off the motorway, toll costs per portion of road, vignette costs if appropriate and the breakdown per person.


Cheapest service stations

NEW! Need to fill up your tank? Don’t choose at random! ViaMichelin indicates fuel prices at all the service stations we list. All you have to do is choose the cheapest one! Coming soon to our website.


Need to get travel expenses reimbursed?

If you have travel expenses you want reimbursed, you can print out your expense note on ViaMichelin. Calculate your trip including route options, then click on “More actions”, then on “Expense note”: all the information is filled in for you, including toll costs. You can add personal comments and then press “Print”.


Consume less fuel while motoring
  • Consuming less fuel means spending less. Here are a few tips to help you:
  • Maintain your vehicle correctly and regularly check tyre pressure,
  • Try and keep your speed as stable as possible and avoid unnecessary accelerations,
  • Change gear as early as possible: 2000 RPM for diesel and 2500 RPM for petrol cars,
  • Turn your engine off when stationary (for over 30 seconds).


So, let’s get that budget firmly under control!


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