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A journey takes planning

 - 17/10/2019

If you already plan your journeys on ViaMichelin, you can now keep an even firmer grip on costs in a detailed and tailored manner: fuel consumption, toll charges throughout Europe, etc

These features are already highly accurate thanks to ViaMichelin expertise, but you can make that calculation even more precise by indicating your vehicle’s brand, model, engine, fuel and year!
Budgeting = savings
ViaMichelin calculates the detailed cost of each trip and suggests different possible routes with their relevant cost. This gives you a clear view so you can choose the least expensive route and thus save money on your daily, weekend, holiday and business trips.
If you carshare, you will even receive the breakdown per person!
How does it work?
After launching your route search, ViaMichelin suggests several routes, displaying the distance, cost and time of each. By default, the fastest route is suggested first, but you can select the least expensive.
Once you’ve selected your trip, click on the “Detailed cost per trip” button: a clear interface pops up providing access to:
- Toll costs, detailed for each individual toll;
- Fuel consumption costs, with details depending on the type of road selected (motorways and other roads);
- Cost per passenger (1 to 5 people), which is very useful if you carshare.
Tip: to ensure the cost indicated is as accurate as possible, fill in your vehicle’s details.
To do so, just click on “Options” when you launch the route search, then click on “Add my vehicle”.
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