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How much do you spend on travel?

 - 20/10/2016

Thanks to the ViaMichelin website or app, you can find the answer to this question!


Each time you look for an itinerary, we will tell you how much it costs, with a breakdown by:
- Toll charges, if applicable;
- Fuel costs depending on the distance.


New! Now you can calculate the cost down to the last penny by customising your route information:
If you indicate the model of your vehicle, we will give you the average consumption (miles per gallon/litre);
- If you know the cost of the fuel at your own local service station, you can fill it in directly.
Either way, you only have to fill it in once for it to be applied to all your trips, although, you can, of course, change it whenever you like.

How to fill in your vehicle’s consumption?
- When you calculate the route, scroll down the “Options”,
- Select your vehicle model and press “Enter”.

The cost of each trip will be customised depending on your vehicle’s consumption.

If you haven’t already done so, download or update the app; currently for Android and soon on iOS devices.