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Heatwave motoring: How to stay safe

 - 03/07/2019

It’s summertime again and the temperatures on the holiday road are soaring. To keep your family safe and survive the sizzling temperatures inside your vehicle, follow our basic health advice and tips to travel in the best conditions.

Regularly drink water: remember to drink a lot throughout the journey, taking particular care to hydrate babies and young children, as well as any pets you may have travelling with you.
Take special care of fragile and elderly passengers, who are particularly vulnerable. Give them water regularly and refresh them with cooling sprays and misters several times during the trip.
Keep the air-conditioning on: motorists without air-conditioning in their vehicle must take regular breaks to seek refuge in cool, air-conditioned premises or in the shade.
Keep children out of direct sunlight: never place a baby or a young child in direct sunlight and never, ever leave them alone in the car, even for a few minutes.




Foto : ©cruphoto/iStock