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GPS ViaMichelin : let us guide you

 - 20/04/2018

The ViaMichelin app and the GPS function guide you right to your doorstep.

The ViaMichelin app features a built-in, real-time,high-performance, customisable satnav system :

  • simple, accurate voice, guidance;

  • warnings related to danger zones and traffic incidents (traffic jams, roadworks, tailbacks, traffic conditions); 

  • permanent speed limit display with alerts should you go over them.

Just click on :   to calculate your itineray and then on :  .

Treat yourself to a simple, highly legible interface. You will receive real-time alerts about incidents and dangers as you drive. Other ViaMichelin app motorists also contribute by flagging up incidents on your route. 

The ViaMichelin app indicates the maximum speed limit at all times. It also warns you if you go over the limit.

The app also automatically activates a night navigation mode for improved visibility.

It’s up to you!

Photo: fanjianhua/iStock