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The efficiency benefits of night driving

 - 28/10/2019

Due to time constraints or personal preference, we are all likely to travel at night as well as day.

One of the advantages of driving at night are the specific traffic conditions that favour fuel consumption. During summer in particular, when temperatures fall after dark. Reduced traffic, even around dense areas, will also save money. Here are the points to consider to take full advantage:

  • Adhere to speed limits, as your would during the day
  • Ensure you are rested before setting off
  • Plan nap and/or coffee breaks every two hours or at the first signs of fatigue
  • Try to look at the right hand side of the roadway when passing another vehicle in order to avoid glare (or at the left side in countries driving on the left)
  • Clean your headlights thoroughly before departure


Photo Credit: ©Artem Peretiatko/iStock