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Driving weel in winter : our 10 tips

 - 28/10/2019

How can you drive well in the bad weather as winter approaches? Here are our ten best tips for zero-risk journeys.

1- Drive at moderate speed: stay more than 100m behind the vehicle in front;
2- Anticipate risks: be particularly careful on bridges, at tunnel exits, in wet areas etc;
3- Never overtake a snowplough when its revolving blue light is on: it is prohibited by the Code de la route (art. 414.17) to do so;
4- Make sure you don't get in the way of snow clearance vehicles: pay attention not to stop on the hard shoulder;
5- Do not overheat your car: if you have to stop for a prolonged period, don’t leave the engine running with the windows closed;
6- Have a break every two hours: often driving in winter is even more tiring than it is the rest of the year, making regular breaks necessary;
7- Equip your vehicle with snow tires: don’t use tire chains or studded tires;
8- Properly check all the main equipment: headlights, anti-freeze screen wash, wind-screen wipers and battery;
9- Have warm clothes to hand: also think to bring drinks, biscuits and blankets in case roads are blocked;
10- Clear the snow off your vehicle: remove all snow from the roof and headlights, but also de-ice all windows and rear-view mirrors with a scraper and anti-freeze.
Photo credit: ©fotostorm/iStock