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Driving efficiently on all roads

 - 17/06/2020

Choosing the right road counts for a lot when it comes to saving fuel. Each road will have its own characteristics that drivers must adapt to.

First, the city, a particularly energy-intensive environment with the numerous stops that can mean. Therefore, anticipating traffic lights and a quick ise through the gears will limit fuel consumption.

Another solution is to bypass urban areas via the routes départementales (secondary roads). It is also important to take terrain into consideration. Here is how to understand it best:

  • Descents will not require any acceleration.
  • Only accelerate downhill if there is a significant climb to follow, limiting any requirement to reaccelerate when you arrive at the slope.
  • Avoid accelerating any more than necessary when making a climb and maintain a steady pace.

These tips also apply to dual carriageways and motorways. These straighter roads can reduce fuel consumption. Even more so with the nationales where the legal speed limit is lower than that of the autoroutes.

In summary, maintaining a constant speed, using the speed regulator if necessary, is the key to more economical driving.


Photo : @Jonson/Shutterstock