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Drag & Drop: customise routes easily

 - 17/11/2017

Customise your route plans with ViaMichelin

  • Depending on your vehicle - car, motorbike, bicycle; also indicate vehicle information to personalise travel costs
  • Depending on how much time you have: find the quickest route if you’re in a hurry, pick a scenic route if you’ve got time or an economy route if you’re budget conscious;
  • Depending on the different halts of your journey, you can also add and delete halts and modify the order to tailor your trip.


Nothing could be easier :

  • Click on   to add one or several halts to your trip;
  • Delete a halt by clicking on the  next to the relevant destination;
  • Reorganise your halts by positioning the curser on the milestone next to the relevant destination; left click and release, position the destination where you want it in your trip.


Customise your journey down to the tiniest detail.


Photo : © anyaberkut/istock