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Don’t improvise on the open road

 - 25/07/2018

The roads will be busy this week-end. For smooth motoring, make the most of ViaMichelin’s services.

Prepare your journey
. Select the route options that suit you: Michelin recommended, quickest, shortest, economical or scenic, if you can take your time;
. Made-to-measure breaks: because motoring is more than just driving, ViaMichelin enables you to customise where and for how long you stop for breaks or overnight;
. Customised travel costs: fill in your vehicle details to get a personalised travel cost breakdown based on your vehicle’s individual consumption;
. Choose the route that suits you: ViaMichelin allows you to choose between several routes. You can compare the distances, times and costs of each route. Toll costs are indicated.
Adapt your departure time
. The day you set off, remember to consult the real-time traffic conditions to avoid the heaviest traffic;
. Don’t forget to check the weather conditions on the road with our weather forecast.
On the open road, the ViaMichelin app guides you night and day
. Make sure your route is always the one with the least traffic thanks to alternative routes: as traffic conditions change, the ViaMichelin GPS suggests route changes to get you to your destination as quickly as possible. No more lost time in traffic jams!
. Set your alerts: in Menu > Settings, you can choose your alerts (traffic jams, road works, road closures, ….) and set the speed limit alert. Remember to tick voice guidance if wished.
. Night driving: The app automatically activates the GPS night navigation mode for better visibility and improved safety.
Happy motoring!
Remember to update your ViaMichelin app : 
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