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Don’t improvise on the holiday road

 - 03/07/2019

It’s summertime and you will soon be motoring towards your holiday destination. For happy, safe motoring, don’t improvise and make the most of the ViaMichelin app.

Prepare your route:
. Customise your journey by filling in your vehicle’s details in the route options: the cost of your journey will be personalised depending on your vehicle’s individual consumption;
. See all the available services along your route: lay-by’s, service stations, restaurants, tourist sites and hotels so you can plan where to take a break. See an example here ;
. Choose your route: ViaMichelin suggests several routes. Compare the different distance, duration and cost of each one. All toll costs are exact.
Choose the best time to set out:
. On the day of your departure, consult real-time traffic conditions to avoid the most congested roads;
. Also remember to consult our weather service.
On the road, the ViaMichelin app guides you night and day:
. Make sure you are on the least-congested roads thanks to our alternative routes: as the traffic conditions change, the ViaMichelin app’s GPS instantly suggests route changes to get you quickly to your destination. No more wasted time sitting in traffic jams!
. Customise alerts: in Menu -> Settings, choose which alerts (traffic jams, roadworks, road closures, etc.) you want to see and set an excess speed limit alert. You can also select voice guidance if needed.
. Night-time motoring: the GPS satnav automatically adapts to night-time driving conditions for improved visibility and safety. 
Let's go!
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