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Customise your journey’s stop-offs

 - 19/04/2018

Motoring time is far more than just the time you spend at the driving wheel, so ViaMichelin has innovated with a new service. For long trips you can now customise your routes and add in stop-offs, breaks and even over-night halts.

For example, you want to get from London to Edinburgh, arriving at 6pm and you want to know what time you should set off or you want to leave Bristol at 7am to go to York and want to know when you will arrive?
ViaMichelin is launching a brand-new, beta version of a new service that will answer these questions.
Go to route options and tick “Take into account stop-offs”.
To activate this service, you must fill in the day and time of departure or arrival.
The journey time takes into account different stop-offs: by default, there is a 20min-break every 2hr and a 1hr-break at lunchtime. If you plan to drive at night, time to sleep is also factored in.
All these parameters can be configured: for example, you can choose 10min-breaks and a 40min-lunch break. Your road map indicates all your stop-offs.
Test this new function and give us your input so we can improve this new service.
Safe driving with ViaMichelin.


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