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Covid-19: ViaMichelin is with you every step of the way

 - 09/11/2020

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread throughout Europe, forcing governments to impose travel restrictions.

The United Kingdom and Ireland are no exception to this rule: as the number of infections rises, the UK and Irish governments have taken restrictive measures to halt the spread of the virus. To find out how these measures affect you depending on your place of residence, consult the following official websites:
. England
. Wales
. Scotland
. Northern Ireland
. Ireland

As our individual ability to travel is impacted by these measures, the ViaMichelin website and application are by your side to guide you by pinpointing over 8 million local retailers and healthcare centres (hospitals, chemists, doctors, etc) on our maps that you can use as departure or arrival destinations on a route. Tip: don’t forget to use the voice search function: it’s quick and simple!

In these troubled times, the thoughts of the entire ViaMichelin team are with those who are sick and we applaud the commitment of the medical teams working so hard for their recovery. Help them and help yourself by taking care of yourself and those close to you and by continuing to apply social distancing rules.


Photo: mikdam/iStock