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Alternative routes mean no more traffic jams!

 - 18/01/2018

Those who drive daily for professional or personal reasons are frequently confronted by traffic jams, resulting in lost time and often frustration. As the year kicks off, the ViaMichelin website and app help you optimise your motoring thanks to alternative routes.

When you look for a route, the ViaMichelin site and app factor in the traffic conditions to propose the most hassle-free route to get you to your destination faster.

To benefit from this service, just activate the “Take traffic into account” option just below the “Departure” and “Arrival” fields in your route planner.


The ViaMichelin website factors in the traffic conditions over the first 100km/60mi for an immediate departure.

The GPS mode of the ViaMichelin app also adapts as you drive, suggesting route changes if necessary depending on changing motoring conditions.

Make the most of this option !


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