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Vintage, LED lights, trail bikes... 2016 motorcycle trends

 - 28/09/2016

The motorcycle market is expected to bounce back in 2016 due to the host of innovations to be launched this year. Here are a few trends that we wager you’ll be seeing soon...

Vintage as popular as ever

The vintage trend has been all the rage for several seasons now in the motorcycle world and 2016 is not going to be any different. Some of the more well-established manufacturers, like Harley Davidson and Triumph, have been surfing on this wave by virtue of their DNA, bringing out custom and classic ranges. The other manufacturers are following suit, launching neo-vintage models that combine modern technology with period design.

Trail bikes gain over the roadster

The roadster has traditionally been at the core of the French motorcycle market in the form of a basic, medium 500-750cm3 cylinder model. In 2016, this sector will be coming under fire from trail bikes, which are back in fashion due to their more multipurpose usage compared to roadsters, which are, when all is said and done, just good road bikes… In a market so susceptible to innovation, the roadster’s supremacy may well be disputed in 2016.

LED lights replace headlights

On the technological front, LED or diode lights are becoming the norm. They ensure better visibility for the biker and also enable him or her to be better seen. Most of the models to be launched in 2016 will be equipped with LED lights. This technology also makes it possible to answer another topical requirement: energy saving. LED lights consume much less than traditional headlights.

Are electric motorbikes the future?

Electricity is going to occupy an ever greater place in the travel methods of private individuals. While some mass-manufactured electric automobile vehicles are already widely available on the market, the motorbike has yet to take the leap. However, several major manufacturers are hard at work on the subject. BMW already markets an electric scooter (BMW C evolution) and has developed a prototype, the eRR based on the BMW S1000RR with the aim of retaining the driving pleasure factor. Harley Davidson has developed several electric prototypes and seems to believe in this vector, although it is still sounding out the market for the moment.


Photo ©BMW Motorrad