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A revolutionary tyre for Formula E

 - 03/10/2016

The Michelin Pilot EV tyre looks like a traditional tyre. However, this apparently ordinary 18” tyre, which equips the all-electric single-seater racing cars taking part in the FIA Formula E Championship, is in fact revolutionising the world of motor racing and series-production cars.

A revolutionary tyre hailed by racing drivers

In order to meet the challenge posed by sustainable racing, Michelin’s motorsport engineers have designed a state-of-the-art tyre: the Michelin Pilot Sport EV, designed to withstand all weather conditions with an unprecedented 18-inch format. The choice of size for this tyre resulted from a dual goal: “The size is compatible with tyres fitted on series-production sports cars, which means that competition-approved technology can be rapidly transferred,” explained Serge Grisin, Michelin Formula E manager. “What’s more, other than the similarity with tyres for mid-sized sedans, wider tyres are also more efficient in terms of energy performance, which is fully coherent with the philosophy behind this new championship.” For Michelin, Formula E motorsport is a fantastic innovation laboratory for sustainable mobility in cities.

Cutting-edge innovations for passenger vehicles

This new generation racing tyre highlights Michelin’s expertise in the design and manufacture of cutting-edge, high energy performance tyres. Formula E motorsport offers a magnificent testing ground for Michelin’s research engineers, as the single-seater racing cars drive on surfaces that are as rough and uneven as regular roads. This is why the Michelin Pilot Sport EV tyre racing breakthroughs can be harnessed to series-produced vehicle tyres. The Michelin EV (Electric Vehicle) range also equips the Renault ZOE all-electric city car. Michelin has recently presented the new MICHELIN Pilot Sport4 and the MICHELIN Cross Climate tyres, both of which are directly inspired by Formula E tyres.

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Photo: ©Michelin 2016