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Restomod, transporting the iconic cars of history to the future

 - 26/04/2017

Is the art of "restomod" becoming a genuine trend? It’s a big question, raised by the launch last week of three "new" cars, all with one thing in common: they bring genuine icons of the XXth century to the year 2017.

FC Automobili Type H

This amusing idea has taken shape from Italian company FC Automobili, and pays tribute to the Citroën HY van, 70 years old this year. Designed by David Obendorfer and Fabrizio Caselani, this is a fibreglass reinterpretation of the legendary body, which dresses a contemporary Jumpy in a made to measure suit in order to transform it into a cubic shaped van, blending the aesthetics and  personality of the HY, on one hand, with all the practical and reliable elements of contemporary vans, on the other. Adding to the exclusivity of the project, only 70 kits will be built.

David Brown Mini Remastered

For his first venture into the field of recreation, former industrialist David Brown, now a car manufacturer, has designed a hand-built, aluminium shell that pays homage to the original Aston Martin DB5, all built on the chassis of a modern Jaguar convertible. The Speedback GT and its price of around half a million euros has proved an unexpected success among the super rich. However, for its latest creation, launched on April 6, the manufacturer has chosen a far more accessible British icon, the Mini. It’s an extremely faithful recreation of the legendary citadine of 1959, but featuring a new 1250 cm3 engine, a specially designed body that smooths out the edges and a modern interior.


Ares Defender

This isn’t the first time that a top-of-the-range manufacturer has taken a large-scale SUV to customise it inside and out, but this exclusive edition of the Land Rover Defender, only 53 of which will be made, should be very special indeed. It will be developed by Italian car designed Ares in partnership with JE Motorworks, the oldest and most respected Land Rover and Range Rover specialist. The British firm will equip each vehicle with a special, Rover-developed engine and transmission, a rugged, all-terrain suspension and revamped and reconditioned driveshafts and differentials. This Defender will be extremely fast on the road and truly ready to face off-road. The idea behind the development of this very special car is to offer the ultimate Defender, in terms of off-road performance, comfort, reliability and exclusivity.


Photos : ©David Obendorfer