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Over 200 world premieres at the Frankfurt Motor Show

 - 15/09/2017

The organisers of the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA), which runs until 24th September, expect over 200 world premieres.

The IAA will be "more exciting, more suprising, more inspired and more innovative than ever" said Matthias Wissmann, President of the Germean Automobile Federation (VDA) organisers of the Frankfurt show.

Around 360 innovations will be announced, including 228 world premieres. They will be unveiled by almost 1,000 exhibitors, including over 50 automotive brands, and will include both new models, including a number of 4x4s, as well as equipment and engine changes.

Once again the scope will be international, with companies from Egypt and Peru as well as newcomers from China. It will feature exhibitors who had previously turned their back on the show such as OEM Thyssenkrupp, and welcomes online giants such as Facebook. But it  has also suffered from a series of withdrawals from manufacturers such as Tesla, Peugeot and Fiat.

Asked about the electric car, one of the show’s main themes along with the autonmous car, M. Wissmann feels that the German car industry has not "fallen asleep" in the face of the competition. With 30 all electric and hybrid models currently offered by German manufacturers, a number expected to rise to over 100 by 2020, "we represent 50% of the European market and 20% of the US electric market», he stressed.


Photo: ©Tobias SCHWARZ/AFP