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Number of the day: 862,118 public charging points for electric vehicles worldwide

 - 02/07/2020

Every day, ETX Studio puts the spotlight on a number that highlights a unique aspect of our times. Today, it is 862,118, the number of public charging points that were in operation around the world at the end of 2019, according to the latest report from the International Energy Agency (IEA). The figure represents a spectacular increase of 60% in just one year.

China alone accounts for nearly 60% of all charging points, far ahead of the United States, the Netherlands and Germany. Next comes Japan, France and Great Britain.

It is also worth noting that the proportion of fast chargers, which deliver more than 22 kWh, is also on the rise. As it stands, 31% of the world's public charging infrastructure is fast, with some points delivering enough power for an 80% recharge in under 40 minutes for most vehicles, and in just 15 minutes for more advanced ones.

Automobile manufacturers are working hard on faster recharging solutions, among them Volkswagen, which has teamed up with energy supplier E.ON on a new high-speed charging solution that guarantees a range of up to 200 km after just 15 minutes of charging time. In parallel with this project, Volkswagen has also formed a consortium with BMW, Daimler and Ford to develop a high-speed charging network. For its part, Tesla is continuing to optimize its "Superchargers," which are now being installed worldwide. As for Renault, the French manufacturer has recently launched an extensive program to test a range of innovative charging solutions for electric vehicles across Europe.

Let's not forget that public chargers are not the only option for electric vehicle drivers, the IEA report also points out that there are now more than 6.5 million private charging points installed around the world.


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