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New tyre labels from May 1, 2021

 - 31/03/2021

In effect since 2012, tyre labelling is changing for more visibility and to include more information. The new labelling will be compulsory on all new tyres in the European Union from May 1, 2021.

The goal of the new labelling is more accuracy and more legibility. In addition to the standard criteria related to energy efficiency and wet grip, now broken down into 5 instead of 7 performance levels, several new parameters have been introduced. The rolling noise level (A, B or C to depict decibels) will be indicated beneath the pictogram. Next to this letter, there may also be icons to illustrate snow and ice grip, if applicable. Finally, in the top right-hand corner, a QR code will include all the digital data related to the label. This new label will apply to all vehicle tyres, including those of heavy goods vehicles.

For information, tyre labelling has been compulsory since 2012, but the European Council wished to make it more comprehensive with these new measures. The aim is to enable European consumers to choose safer, more energy efficient, quieter tyres.


Photo : Courtesy of Commission européenne