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Imagine riding an inflatable electric scooter

ETX Studio
 - 13/11/2020

In terms of innovation, the Japanese are often at the cutting edge. After unveiling an initial prototype in spring, Tokyo University is now showcasing a new version of its “poimo” (“POrtable and Inflatable MObility”) concept, namely an inflatable electric scooter! The objective is a means of transport that is easily transportable and highly modular.

The “poimo” project is the result of collaboration between research scientists from Tokyo University and the R&D department of the Mercari startup (Mercari R4D). Their work revolves around developing so-called “soft” mobility comprised of supple, inflatable materials. Easy to transport, it is designed to be quickly deflated, folded and stored in a backpack. The electric motor that provides the power is located in the wheels.

In addition to saving space, the concept’s advantage is that it can in theory adapt to different body weights. The idea is that each user can customise the scooter based on their own body and driving position. The different assembled inflatable elements thus form a unique vehicle.

This latest prototype is due to be unveiled this week during the UIST 2020 conference in Minneapolis, USA.


Click here to see a video of the inflatable electric scooter:


(Photo : Courtesy of The University of Tokyo poimo)