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How to get your car back into peak form before safely hitting the road again

 - 22/05/2020

After several weeks off the road, your car needs a minimum amount of maintenance before you can safely take it out on the roads again. The Spanish car manufacturer Seat has published a checklist to help you make sure that your vehicle is roadworthy after the lockdown.

1. Check all oil and coolant levels before starting the engine. Remember to let the engine idle for a few minutes so that the liquids can circulate properly and lubricate the various parts. At the same time, check there are no traces of leakage on the ground, particularly underneath the engine.

2. Check the tyre pressure of all tyres (including the spare tyre), because tyre pressure tends to drop when a car isn’t used. Also remember to check the wear of tyres. If you think your tyres are worn, have them checked and changed if necessary.

3. Check that everything related to motoring, such as headlights, indicators, windows, windscreen wipers and all electronic devices, works correctly. Nowadays most of this information is indicated on the dashboard by way of electronic sensors. Also check your brakes by leaving the foot on the brake pedal for a few seconds to check they are fully operational.

4. Remember to regularly disinfect your vehicle with soap or alcohol, paying particular attention to all the main contact areas, both outside (door and window handles, etc) and inside the vehicle (steering wheel, gear lever, tactile screens, dashboard, various switches, etc). Check that none of the air vents are blocked.


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