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This helmet promises to save lives

 - 08/10/2020

The French startup, KSH (Kosmos Smart Helmets), has developed a motorcycle helmet concept that is smart and safe; the helmet has already been unveiled during major trade fairs such as CES in Las Vegas (USA) and Viva Technology in Paris (France). From September 7, 2020, it’s organising an initial crowd funding campaign, via the KissKissBankBank platform, to launch production of the first models.

According to KSH, the helmet offers superior safety for motorcyclists. How?

Firstly, the (actually quite elegant) helmet is equipped with a large rear brake light, which warns road users behind the motorcyclist that he or she is going to brake. It is also equipped with voice guidance directly paired with the motorcyclist’s smartphone. In this way, they can get all the latest traffic news in real time.

A more sophisticated version features patented technology that detects falls by using three spatial axes. As a result, as soon as the motorcyclist’s position is abnormal or in case of a shock, the helmet “asks” the motorcyclist whether he or she can call the emergency services themselves. If there is no response, the proprietary app alerts five predesignated contacts, proving information related to the motorcyclist’s geographic position, but also their blood group and possible medical history.

The goal of this crowd funding campaign is to raise an initial €20,000, which will enable the production of 200 helmets by the end of 2020. With €150,000, KSH could launch simultaneous production of accessories such as a built-in camera and customised padding.

The first models will be available through KissKissBankBank at prices ranging between €600-1,200 a helmet, depending on the range of accessories.



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(Photo : Courtesy of KSH KSH Kevin Ravi)