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Fast and economical: buying your car online is all the rage in Europe

 - 08/10/2020

Are European motorists giving car dealerships the cold shoulder? Whatever the case, Europe’s drivers seem to be increasingly drawn to online solutions to buy their vehicle, whether new or second-hand. The internet has made buying the car of your dreams so simple.

According to a study published by the online site,, nearly one out of three motorists claimed they were ready to buy and pay for their car directly online (out of 3,000 people interviewed in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Holland and Portugal). Among the reasons given by these motorists, the availability of the vehicle’s service history (65%) and the home delivery service (34%) rank prominently.

Traditional sales, which involve making a trip to a dealership, to see the cars, then trying one before settling down to negotiate the price and finally making the purchase, may well have seen their heyday.

Nowadays, online purchases make it possible to find the car that suits you best and have it delivered directly to your front door, or nearby, all of which with the number plates and appropriate documentation. To do so, motorists can either pay a visit to the manufacturer’s websites or to specialised platforms, mainly agents who offer a wide range at attractive prices.

It only takes a few minutes, by day or night, to buy a car. As the overheads are lower, the prices are often lower compared to those offered by dealerships. In addition, if you’re interested in a model sold abroad, the agent can deal with all the paperwork relating to its import. On the other hand, buying online of course means that you can’t test the vehicle yourself, or take it for a test run, at least for second-hand vehicles. The latter is probably the only real downside to this approach.

However, it’s important to point out that, as with any other purchase, the consumer has a 14-day withdrawal right (or “cooling-off” period) for online purchases.


(Photo : davidf/iStock)