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The bike brands going retro at Intermot

 - 20/10/2016

This year's Intermot may be full to the brim with new sportsbikes from the Honda Fireblade to the Ducati SuperSport S but it will also be remembered as a bike event with a serious focus on retro style, marrying the cooler looks of classic biking with cutting-edge technology and modern handling.

Triumph Street Cup

The king of the retro bike is Triumph. Every time it looks like its run out of new angles for its classic range or classic angles for its modern range, the brand somehow surprises and Intermot was no exception. The Triumph Street Cup is a Street Twin underneath but thanks to a host of custom touches -- drop handle bars, single seat with cowl, tiny fly screen visor and mirrors coming out of the handlebars -- it is now every inch the café racer.

Honda CB1100RS

Honda's new Fireblade was one of the stand out stars of this year's show, but the marque is also trying to woo riders that put a premium on style with its seriously overhauled CB1100RS. It's aiming to get the retro look and feel right this time with new forks, aluminium side panels and an improved café racer-style riding position.

BMW R nine T Racer

Showing what a huge difference a couple of pieces of injection moulded fairing, a new seat and fuel tank can make to a model, the BMW R nine T Racer channels the spirt of 1970s racing bikes but, thanks to an 1170cc boxer engine putting out 110bhp plus ABS as standard, it should feel very much 2016.


Yamaha SCR 950 Street Scrambler

Scramblers were one of the big trends of the 2014 show, thanks to Ducati, and this year, it is Yamaha's turn to go back in dirt track time. The SCR 950 Street Scrambler takes many of its styling cues from the 1980s, put not its moving parts. They're mostly from the XV90, including the torque-y V-Twin engine.

Moto Guzzi Audace Carbon

Last but not least, Moto Guzzi turned the retro approach on its head by taking its already retro-looking (though they would prefer 'classically styled') Audace and bedecking it in carbon fibre. The result is one part stealth cruiser, one part BatPod. The only elements of the bike that aren't either carbon fibre finished or matte black painted are the brake callipers and cylinder heads, which are red instead.



Photos :
Triumph Street Cup ©Triumph Motorcycles
Honda CB1100RS ©Honda
BMW R nine T Racer ©BMW Group AG
Yamaha SCR 950 Street Scrambler ©Yamaha
Moto Guzzi Audace Carbon ©Moto Guzzi