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Bibendum becomes a collectible

 - 12/09/2018

An iconic figure of the manufacturing firm and indistinguishable from the legendary restaurant stars, Bibendum has been raised to the rank of art and design object, following the launch of the brand’s first collection, founded on Michelin’s heritage.

As Bibendum gets ready to celebrate his 120th birthday, following his creation by artist O’Galop in 1898, Michelin officialises its links with the worlds of art and design by launching a collection featuring some 40 objects.

Each one is produced in a limited series and, in most cases, is handmade in France. A certificate of authenticity accompanies each gift set. Michelin has been working on the launch of this line, designed to propel Bibendum into the realm of icon, for over two years.

The familiar tyre character has been recast as part of the pop culture, with a range of figurines by Artoyz. Each one evokes a major moment of Michelin’s history: creation of the Red Guide in 1900, that of the ASM Rugby Club in 1911, the launch of the tourist guides in 1926, which became Green Guides after 1945.
The collection is an ode to the long history of this company born in Clermont Ferrand. It features a reproduction of the Peugeot 202, with Bibendum on the roof, which was the company car of the firm’s salesmen from 1938. Prints reproducing advertising posters, but also a book with archive images related to the Michelin character, bear witness to the heritage of this grand old lady of French manufacturing.

Objects are available on at prices ranging from €19 to €825.


Photo ©Michelin