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5 tips to cut fuel consumption with A/C

 - 25/07/2018

(Relaxnews) - As the temperatures soar, we recommend taking a few precautions to make the most of your A/C without sending your fuel consumption sky high.

Before hitting the holiday road, get your A/C checked by a mechanic. Poor cooling, unpleasant odours or abnormally high fuel consumption are all signs that your A/C system may need servicing.
To reduce the risk of breakdowns and also ensure that your vehicle doesn’t consume too much, we recommend applying these basic rules:
1. Always wind the windows down full for a few minutes when you set off, before switching on the A/C, to get rid of the hot air that has accumulated in the stationary vehicle.
2. Never put the A/C on full but increase it gradually to limit the increased fuel consumption it will necessarily create.
3. While motoring, don’t keep the A/C on too high, but ideally set it at 5° below the outdoor temperature or you will find yourself consuming between 10 to 15% more fuel.
4. It is advisable to switch your A/C off a few minutes before you arrive, as the inside temperature won’t have time to increase too much.
5. Remember to get your A/C checked every year to optimise the quality and temperature of the air inside the vehicle and avoid having to suddenly change the whole system.
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