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Why do maps change?

The “ViaMichelin” website offers a range of map display options:

  • ViaMichelin (*** NEW ***)
  • Satellite
  • Hybrid: Satellite view highlighting the main roads according to the zoom level chosen.
  • Lite version: simplified maps highlighting the main roads according to the zoom level chosen.

The new “ViaMichelin” mapping has been developed to meet the differing demands of the growing number of users across all modern platforms: website, tablets, and smartphones.

More efficient and offering greater functionality than the mapping of the 3 scales of “print” Michelin maps (National/Regional/Departmental). It offers faster display and can be updated more frequently. It improves readability and provides the relevant elements of each of the 19 available zoom levels (in comparison to the previous total of 16), whilst retaining all of the graphic icons recognised by users of Michelin maps.

With faster display times and improved legibility of the map, we hope you will appreciate this new presentation that modernises Michelin maps, whilst retaining the same quality standards.

However, the “Michelin map” has not vanished completely! For the zoom levels concerned (National/Regional /Departmental), you will find a link enabling you to access and view the corresponding “Michelin map”. … And they are still available in printed format!