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Bentley's new Mulsanne stretches the definition of luxury

 - 01/03/2016

As well as a serious external facelift and suspension improvements, Bentley is adding 250mm of rear seat passenger legroom to the latest generation of its flagship limousine, due to make its global debut in Geneva on March 1.

The Mulsanne is meant to marry Bentley's two greatest attributes -- luxury and performance -- in one meticulous handcrafted package.

However, as clients get more discerning and competition within the highest echelons of the automotive world heats up, Bentley is taking very swift action to ensure that even with the launch of the Mercedes-Maybach, its car can still more than stand out.

"The Mulsanne is the epitome of Bentley's DNA -- exquisite, individual and powerful. It defines luxury in the automotive world and offers a uniquely Bentley blend of luxury and performance," said Wolfgang Dürheimer, chairman and chief executive of Bentley Motors.

Therefore, the solution is to stretch the Mulsanne into a three-model range.

The Mulsanne Speed is for those that want to drive quickly but in complete comfort. Its 6.75-liter twin-turbo V8 engine offers a 0-100km/h time of 4.9 seconds and a remarkable top speed of 190mph (305km/h).

The ‘standard' Mulsanne leans further towards comfort. It boasts a state-of-the-art rear-seat entertainment system and thanks to new tires, the cabin is 4dBA quieter than that of the existing model.

However, it's the new EWB model that takes the Mulsanne's appeal to new lengths. Bentley has stretched the body by 250mm so that it can fit two first-class-airline style fully reclining seats in the rear -- complete with a rear roof section glass sunroof. The car can be specified with foldaway tables for those moments when productivity is a necessity.

"The three distinct handcrafted models now available each offer customers something different. The Mulsanne, with its understated elegance and sporting purpose, remains the consummate luxury limousine; the Mulsanne Speed is the pinnacle of luxury and performance thanks to its immense power, torque and refinement; and now the Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase - with its extraordinary airline-style seats and rear-passenger bias -- becomes the new benchmark in automotive comfort," Dürheimer said.

However, when the car is unveiled next week, there are suggestions that it will actually be a four- rather than three-model range. Bentley is said to be working on an even longer-wheelbase version of the Mulsanne for carrying six in comfort and that each car will be a 100% bespoke commission.


Photo credits: ©Bentley