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Satnavs reduce stress for motorists

 - 18/12/2015

Motorists claim that satnavs and other driving aids are effective ways of alleviating stress when driving.

Bad weather conditions, heavy traffic or getting lost can all cause anxiety and strain. To such an extent that 27% of motorists claim to be stressed when driving.

The behaviour of other drivers is the number one stress factor, for 62% of those interviewed, next are traffic jams (35%) and the fear of being late (33%). Stress results in fatigue (21%), reduced concentration (20%) and one-off driving offenses (18%).

Unsurprisingly, big cities are where the stress levels are highest (35%). 44% of motorists under 35 years of age say they are stressed, while 36% of parents say they are not always entirely at ease when driving.

To combat these stress factors, a majority of motorists (69%) praise satnav with traffic updates, as well as other driving aids (66%). Even car-sharing is perceived as a more serene travel solution (30%).


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