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Save time by avoiding traffic jams

 - 12/01/2017

Day after day, whether you are driving for business or pleasure, the ViaMichelin app helps you reduce your travel time.

So, let’s kick off the year in style with a new service: alternative routes.

Depending on the evolution of traffic conditions, your ViaMichelin satnav adapts and suggests route changes to get you where you are going faster.
To make the most of this new service, nothing could be simpler: when you calculate a route, tick the “Take traffic into account” box.

You can also choose the Type of route:

  • Discovery: a route that allows you time to explore the tourist sites on the itinerary;
  • Economical: the cheapest route whatever the distance and time;
  • Fastest: the best route in terms of travel time;
  • Shortest: the least number of miles regardless of time;
  • Recommended by Michelin: the route recommended by MICHELIN.


So if you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to update your ViaMichelin app to benefit from the alternative route feature.